Halo Z6X2-7 Review

Developed hunting skills though necessary, are not the only thing that is needed in order to be a great hunter. Of course, the experience plays a major role in the hunter’s success in the field, but it is not the only factor.

There is another thing that is very important when it comes to the success of the hunter and, generally, in hunting. That’s the equipment.

Every good and experienced hunter is aware of the importance the equipment has. Some of you may wonder “Why?” The thing is that there are situations when the hunter just cannot go all the way through, simply cannot do certain things being just a human. And, where humans can’t, machines can.

And, exactly there lies the importance of the hunter’s equipment which almost always consists of one specific device – a rangefinder.

You have probably heard of, or maybe even use or want to use a rangefinder. And, you know that it is the must-have piece of equipment.

Rangefinders are of such great help by being able to provide the hunter with all the information he needs.

We all know there are a lot of different rangefinders on the market, but today we will have a look at Halo Z6X2-7.

Halo Z6X2-7 Review

What makes it a good choice?

Many things! Yes, there are many things which make this model a good choice.

To begin with – its design. It has a classical and compact design which makes it easy to hold. It’s ergonomic, so it’s very comfortable and fits perfectly in your hands. Additionally, it has rubberized grip to ensure it won’t sleep out of your hands.

Another thing which makes this product a good choice is its ability to get you really close to your target without making a single step. Thanks to its 6x magnification and the ability to measure up to amazing 600 yards, with only +/- 1 yard precision, this rangefinder ensure you know your distance and increase your chances for success.

What makes it even better, this model has a color LCD display on which you can easily and clearly read all the information provided. Moreover, the display illuminates the readings, which allows you to use the rangefinder even in low light, including rainy and foggy conditions. Isn’t that just AWESOME? We think YES!

When it comes to the modes, this model has a continuous Scan Mode which allows you to quickly measure distances and easily lock in several targets at different yardages with only one click. That’s so cool, right?

Moreover, it has incorporated Angle Intelligence technology which allows it to measure the slope compensation, by calculating the real horizontal distance of your target(s) at any elevation. This option can be turned off, if needed, with only one click on the button.

Having all these features, this rangefinder gives you the most precise results so you can relax and enjoy the hunt.


  • It has ergonomic design with non-slip grip – for the most comfortable experience and easy holding
  • It has easy-to-read illuminated LCD display – so you can use it in low-lit, rainy, and foggy situations
  • It has adjustable eye piece – so you can increase the focus and be able to see better
  • It has Class IIIA laser
  • It has resistant housing
  • It has water and fog resistant body – so you don’t need to worry whether it is going to rain or if there is going to be a fog; just enjoy the hunt!
  • It can measure in meters and yards – you can change from one measurement unit to another with only one click on the button
  • It comes equipped with a nylon pouch, and a CR2 battery – for FREE!
  • It weighs only 1 lb
  • It has 1-year warranty from the manufacturer

As you can see, Halo Z6X2-7 has so much to offer – great features, great specifications, and great price. It’s simply a GREAT deal, especially for those who are new to hunting, or the experienced ones who don’t want to spend a lot of money but want a rangefinder with good quality and precision. It is considered to be the perfect device for bow hunting and rifle hunting.

Being sturdy, compact and lightweight, makes it very easy to store it anywhere and take it with you everywhere. All in all, it’s definitely worth giving it a chance.

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