Halo Xtanium 1000 Review

Rangefinders have a special place in every hunter’s equipment. They are considered to be the must-have piece and a big, if not the biggest, factor for hunting success. These devices are usually small, compact, and lightweight, thus being easy to store and carry around with you.

Though small, they are incredibly powerful. They are the “superheroes” in every hunting story. Without them, hunting would be more difficult, more stressful and not that interesting.

Rangefinders are hunters’ assistants, being able to go further than hunters can and provide all the data needed for great and successful hunting. There are many different models on the market, each having different features, different specifications, and different price. You can find expensive rangefinders and really affordable ones. But regardless of the price, all of them have the basic, and most important, features, such as: measuring the distance to the target(s), scan mode, slope mode, 6x magnification.

Which model you would choose depends on what you are looking for and what you want from the rangefinder. As expected, the low-price rangefinders, though offer the basic features, don’t have the more sophisticated ones and usually measure at shorter distance (up to 500 yard), while the more expensive ones (not always the most expensive ones) offer a lot more features, which give faster and more accurate readings, and are able to measure longer distances (800-1500 yards).

Although usually the new hunters buy the less expensive rangefinders and the professionals buy the more expensive ones, I will say again, it all depends on what you look for in a rangefinder and what you want to get from it.

Now, regardless of whether you are a rooky or a pro, here is one rangefinder which we consider as a perfect choice. It’s Halo Xtanium 1000.

Halo Xtanium 1000 Review

Why it is a perfect choice?

The first thing that comes to my mind when I look at this rangefinder is its powerful, fiery design. So, my first thought is – “Wow! This rangefinder must be very powerful! It must have the best features!” That really was my first thought, believe it or not. And, I was right.

It’s aluminum, ergonomic design makes this rangefinder easy to hold and fit perfectly in your hand. Its textured, rubberized covering ensures a non-slip grip, so you shouldn’t worry if it’s going to fall out of your hand, even when it’s raining and wet.

What I found as the greatest feature of this model, is its ability to measure up to incredible 1000 yards, with+/-1 yard precision. And, when we combine that with its amazing 8x magnification you get the chance to see so far, yet close. Plus, you don’t have to get closer to your target and risk scaring and losing it.

Another feature that makes this model an excellent choice is its in-view red OLED display which provides crisp and clear images, even after its 8x magnification, as well as a5° angular field of view.

Halo Xtanium 1000 has a Scan mode which enables you to constantly measure the distance to several or moving targets, at different yardages. Moreover, it is equipped with Angle Intelligence (AI) technology which measures the slope compensation, by calculating the real horizontal distance of your target(s) at any elevation.

Having all these features ensure you will get the most precise results at large range, so you can relax and enjoy the hunt without worrying how far the target is.


  • It has ergonomic, slip-resistant design – for the most comfortable experience and easy holding
  • It has OLED Display which allows for 5° angular field of view
  • It has a red digital reticle
  • It has a Class IIIA Laser
  • It is waterproof – so you don’t need to worry even if it rains
  • It has aluminum and durable housing
  • It comes equipped with a nylon protective case and CR2 lithium-ion battery for FREE!
  • It weighs 8 ounces
  • It has a limited 1-year warranty

Well, from what can be seen, this rangefinder really offers a lot. Halo Xtanium 1000 is a combination of a laser rangefinder and an inclinometer with the purpose to deliver the most accurate readings in every situation.

Being compact and lightweight, this model allows you to store it everywhere and you can easily carry it around.

So, all of this is why we think this product is a perfect choice. If you are looking for a powerful and sophisticated long-range rangefinder, you might consider adding this one to your equipment.

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