Halo Wildgame X-Ray 800 Review

Precision and speed are everything in hunting. As a hunter, you know this. You know how fast, yet unnoticed, but still precise, you have to act while looking for your target, and afterward, when going after it.

However, assuming that there might rookies among you, I would like to explain briefly these three things.

First, let’s go through the importance of being fast. Speed is an important factor in hunting. This is mostly due to the fact that animals move quickly, they run, especially if they notice something unusual or are scared by something. So, in order not to miss a chance to catch your target, you have to react quickly, ergo, to measure the distance to the target. And, there is no other way but to use a rangefinder.

The second thing is being unnoticed. Why? It’s simple! Animals can feel someone’s presence easily and get scared, so they run away. This means that you have to hide and try to get as less exposed as possible. But then, how can you look for the target and find it? Well, that’s where rangefinders come. Most of the rangefinders, the good ones, can zoom up to 6 times so that you can locate your target and measure the distance to the same.

And the last thing mentioned above is precision. Why do you need to be precise? Because things can get pretty bad if you miss the target. That’s why hunters use rangefinders.

As you can notice all of the important things are directly related to rangefinders. That’s why they are an inevitable part of every hunter’s equipment.

When looking for a good rangefinder you look for both, quality (including features and specifications) and price. It is great if you can find a model which is of good quality and budget-friendly. One of these kinds of models is the Wild Game Halo X-Ray 800.

Halo Wildgame X-Ray 800 Review

Why is it a great choice?

There are lots of reasons for that, trust me. Or you don’t need to trust me – see for yourself by reading about all its features and specifications.

Wild Game Halo X-Ray 800 has an interesting look due to its camouflage color, which allows it to be unnoticeable in the field.  Its ergonomic design makes it easy to hold and fits perfectly in your hands, while its protective rubber armoring, which provides slip-resistance, allow you to easily hold it in your hand, even when it’s raining and wet.

It is very fast and precise, being able to instantly measure up to amazing 800 yards, with +/-1 yard accuracy. Thanks to its amazing 6x magnification and clear image, this rangefinder allows you to get closer to your target without making a single step.

Also, it has an in-view LCD display with dusk/dawn display mode so that you can use it and easily get a reading even in low-light conditions.

This model has two modes – Spot mode and Scan mode. The Spot mode enables you to measure the distance to an unmoving target quickly and with great precision. The Scan mode enables you to constantly measure the distance to several or moving targets.

Additionally, it is equipped with Angle Intelligence (AI) technology which measures the slope compensation, by calculating the real horizontal distance of your target(s) at any elevation. This feature can be used with either of the two modes. How awesome it that, right?

Thanks to all these features, this rangefinder gives you the most precise results so you can relax and enjoy the hunt.


  • It has an ergonomic, slip-resistant design – for the most comfortable experience and easy holding
  • It has an uncluttered LCD Display
  • It has black reticle
  • It has an intuitive two-button interface – which is placed at the top of its housing
  • It has anti-fogging optical coatings
  • It has a simple eyepiece focusing ring
  • It has a compact roof prism optical path
  • It automatically turns off when not used to preserve battery power
  • It has a Class 3R IR Laser – which is safe for the eyes
  • It is waterproof – so you don’t need to worry whether it is going to rain or not, just enjoy the hunt
  • It has an impact-resistant plastic housing
  • It shows the distances only in yards
  • It comes equipped with a CR2 battery, carrying case, lanyard, and lens cloth – for FREE!
  • It weighs only 5.9 ounces

WOW! There are really so many features that this rangefinder offers. And, actually, all of them make this model as perfect as a rangefinder can be. Being both, a high-quality product and budget-friendly, Halo Wild Game X-Ray 800 is a great combo.

If you were looking for the perfect rangefinder to add to your hunting equipment, you should definitely consider this one.

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