Halo Wildgame Innovations Z9X-7 Review

Every good hunter knows that the hunting equipment is a great factor which has an influence on the success of the hunt and the final outcome.  Do you know why? It is because hunters know the importance of their equipment. They are aware that they cannot hunt well, sometimes even not at all, if they don’t have suitable equipment.

Though all the pieces of equipment are important, there is one piece which is of particular importance – the rangefinder. You may or you may not have heard or know something about rangefinders. But, in case there are people among you who are new to hunting and still haven’t learned it all, we will briefly explain why rangefinders are important.

Basically, rangefinders go where hunters can’t. What do I mean by this?

Well, rangefinders can measure distances to more than 1000 yards, even to moving targets, and hunters can’t. They can also zoom to the target, and hunters can’t. Some models also “see” when there is rain or even fog, and hunters can’t. And, some models even measure the speed of the moving target, while hunters can’t do that.

Now, do you understand my point? I guess you do.

As you can see, rangefinders do the most important things and provide data of crucial importance, thus increasing your chances of success, at the same time, sharpening your hunting skills and helping you develop into a better hunter.

Hunters greatly depend on rangefinders as they are their “eyes and ears” in the field. Without these small, yet so powerful devices, hunters would not be successful and would have a really hard time finding and catching the target.

There are a lot of models on the market which you can choose from. However, while there is a choice, it can be a bit hard to decide which one is for you. this depends on which features you want the rangefinder to have and how much you are willing to spend on buying one.

But if you are looking for an inexpensive rangefinder which has great features, we would like to present to you Halo Wildgame Innovations Z9X-7.

Halo Wildgame Innovations Z9X-7 Review

Why it is a great choice?

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of what makes this rangefinder a great choice is its compact, ergonomic design which fits perfectly in your hand and makes it easy to hold and operate with it.

Another feature, which we most love about it, is its ability to measure up to incredible 900 yards, with+/-1 yard precision. Thanks to its amazing 6x magnification you can get closer to your target without actually getting closer. Being able to measure far and zoom is important because it allows the hunters to have a clear picture from far without the need to go closer and scare the animal.

While we are at measuring distances, this model has a Scan mode which enables you to constantly measure the distance to several or moving targets, at different yardages.

Additionally, this rangefinder is equipped with Angle Intelligence (AI) technology which measures the slope compensation, by calculating the real horizontal distance of your target(s) at any elevation.

Thanks to all these features, Halo Z9X-7 gives you the most precise results at long range, so you can relax and enjoy the hunt without worrying if the target is close enough or far from you.


  • It has ergonomic design – for the most comfortable experience and easy holding
  • It is waterproof – so you don’t need to worry whether it is going to rain or not, just enjoy the hunt
  • It shows distances in yards and meters
  • It comes equipped with a nylon protective case and a CR2 lithium-ion battery – for FREE!
  • It has frustration free packaging
  • It weighs 9.9 ounces
  • It has 1-year warranty from the manufacturer

As you can see, Halo Z9X-7 has many great features which can help you in hunting. But, what makes this model a great one is a fact that it doesn’t compromise its quality for its price. It is budget-friendly, yet offers so much. It is considered to be the perfect tool for bow hunting and rifle hunting.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and need a long-range rangefinder with all the basic features, then this might be the one for you.

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