Halo REM-Z9X Review

Hunting, whether it is just a hobby or a profession, has many factors which influence its outcome. Every hunter knows that in order to be successful, one needs a lot of training, experience, skills, and good equipment. And out of these four factors, there is one which is probably a bit more important than the other three. Do you know which one?

It’s the hunting equipment. Do you know why? Because having good hunting equipment will help you in every way. How? Hmmm… Let’s explain this briefly.

When we think of good equipment, we think of its pieces. Most hunters know that there is a particular tool from the equipment which plays a major role in the hunter’s success. That’s the rangefinder. If you have one, you can be sure you are on a good way to becoming a great hunter.

So, we mentioned a few lines above that the good equipment can help you. That means that the rangefinder will help you. Rangefinders are considered to be hunters’ assistants because when hunters cannot do something, they can. For example, hunters cannot measure distances, they are just humans with limited abilities, including vision. Also, hunters can not measure slopes and can not zoom, right? Well, rangefinders can. And that’s just awesome!

Having a rangefinder not only helps you achieve better results, but it also helps you train and it sharpens your hunting skills. But finding a good rangefinder can be difficult since there are many different models on the market.

In order to help you with that, we have looked around and found one model which we think is a great choice. That’s Halo Z9X.

Halo REM-Z9X Review

Why it is a great choice?

There are many features which make this rangefinder a great choice, but I will start with the fact that it is extremely easy to operate. It’s due to the fact that this model has only one button which you use for everything. The button is large and textures in order to be easy to touch and operate even if you are wearing gloves. Moreover, it has an intuitive onboard menu which is easy to navigate and is very quick.

What we consider as its best quality is its ability to measure up to incredible 900 yards, with only +/- 1 yard precision. Thanks to its 6x magnification and its quick focus, this rangefinder help you detect your target and get closer to it, without actually going closer. Smart, right?

Speaking of the measuring distances, this model has two modes: single target mode and continuous scan mode. The single target mode allows you to measure the distance to one target very quickly, while the continuous scan mode allows you to measure the distance to several targets at different yardages with only one click.

Additionally, it has incorporated Angle Intelligence technology which allows it to measure the slope compensation, by calculating the real horizontal distance of your target(s) at any elevation.

Since this is a one-button operated rangefinder, you should press the button once and release it in order to start measuring distances. While it measures, a transmitting symbol will blink, whereas when the measuring is over, the readings are shown on the screen.


  • It has a compact, easy to hold design
  • It has good image quality – however, the display can be difficult to read in low-light conditions
  • It is water and fog resistant – however, a light haze and fog have a negative effect on the image quality and the accuracy
  • It has a rubber-coated housing – which makes it shock absorbent
  • It can measure both in meters and yards
  • It has short eye relief – so people who wear glasses might find this as a negative feature
  • It comes equipped with a nylon protective case and CR2 lithium-ion battery for FREE!
  • It weighs 1.25 lb
  • It has a 1-year warranty

This rangefinder has so many great features and we really like it! Of course, it has a few downsides, but it is understandable since nothing is 100% perfect. Plus, taking into consideration its low price, we think that its features are more than worth it.

Being economical, lightweight, and rich in features, makes the Halo REM-Z9X a great choice for all who want to buy a good-quality rangefinder without spending a lot of money. And, it’s really a great value for the price!

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