Halo Optics XL600 Series 6X 600 Yards Review

Every hunter’s dream is to be the best, to be the fastest, the most successful, on the field. Though the experience and training help in becoming a great hunter, there are also other factors taking part in this. What does this mean?

As it is stated in the first line, by “the best” it is referred to being “the fastest” and “the most successful”. So, how can a hunter achieve both of these titles? It cannot happen by itself, but it must be backed up somehow. And, there comes every hunter’s assistant – the hunter’s equipment, most precisely – the rangefinder.


It’s simple. Rangefinders measure distances to targets by sending out laser beams. And, they do this really fast and very precise, within +/-1 yards accuracy. Measuring almost instantly and precisely is what makes the hunter fast and gives him the potential to become “the fastest”.

Many models of rangefinders have features such as:

  • different scanning modes which can measure the distance to a single target, or to several or moving targets
  • ability to measure the target’s moving speed and angle compensation,

Due to these features, rangefinders provide all the information that a hunter needs, which gives him the potential to become “the most successful”.

In order to be the best, you need to choose the best rangefinder for you, right? But, finding the one for you is hard, especially since there are so many models to choose from. We understand that, so we have done the hard work for you and chose one model which has great qualities and a great price. That’s Halo XL600 6X 600.

Halo Optics XL600 Review

Why we love it?

There are many things that make us love this rangefinder.

First of all, it’s design. We like it because it has an interesting look due to its camouflage color, which allows it to be unnoticeable in the field. Its design makes it easy to hold and fits perfectly in your hands.

Another feature is its ability to get you really close to your target without making a single step. Thanks to its 6x magnification and the ability to measure up to amazing 600 yards, with only +/- 1 yard precision, this rangefinder ensure you know your distance and increase your chances for success.

To be even better, this model has a color LCD display on which you can easily read all the information that the rangefinder provides. Because what’s the deal of having all the data and not being able to read it well?

When it comes to the modes, this model has a continuous Scan Mode which allows you to quickly measure distances and easily lock in several targets at different yardages with only one click. That’s so cool, right?

Additionally, it has an auto acquisition feature which instantly measures the exact range for you.

Moreover, it has incorporated Angle Intelligence technology which allows it to measure the slope compensation, by calculating the real horizontal distance of your target(s) at any elevation.

With so many great features, how can we not love Halo XL600 6x 600? Having all these features, this rangefinder gives you the most precise results so you can relax and enjoy the hunt.


  • It has easy-to-read internal LCD display
  • It has waterproof body – so you don’t need to worry or stop the hunt even if it’s raining or snowing; just enjoy it!
  • It comes equipped with a free CR2 battery
  • It has 1-year warranty from the manufacturer
  • Weight: 0.5 pounds

Did we mention that is it budget-friendly? Well, honestly, it is more than that. It’s cheap, so every hunter can afford it. It’s a great choice if you are a rooky hunter, just starting his hunting career, but also for professionals who are looking for a good rangefinder for a low price.

Having all those features and specifications, and that price, we can say it is a really great deal. Being able to know the exact distance, the right angle, and to have a clear and close look, and all that quickly provided, ensures the hunting success.

As great as it can be, the Halo XL600 6x 600 can improve your hunting and sharpen your hunting skills. So, why not consider adding this rangefinder to your equipment for this rangefinder and enjoy the hunt.

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